Overview Online English Level 2

(Spelling Age, Reading Age….approximately 6 years – 7 years)

Level 2 Lessons 1 – 5 are exercises with the vowels a, e, i, o and u. As the child progresses through each lesson, the lesson may become more challenging, as consonant and vowel digraphs are introduced. Be prepared to assist.

Level 2 has 4 online computer activities and 4 worksheets.


It is recommended that you complete the online Aldon programs in the following order. 

     Spelling Pre Test 1st Practice.....Print Sheet.    

2nd    Computer Spelling A.        

3rd     Help Me Spell Worksheet….. Print Sheet.

4th     Computer Comprehension.

5th     Spelling 2nd Practice.

6th     English Worksheet…. Print Sheet.

7th     Computer Spelling B.

8th     Comprehension Worksheet.... Print Sheet.

9th     Spelling 3rd Practice.

10th   Computer Dictation.

11th    If needed, a final Spelling Practice. 



Any words, which may need  further  revising, should be handwritten at the bottom of  the  Spelling Sheet of the next  lesson.

Each lesson should be completed, before proceeding to the next. As the child will most likely be young, your guidance will be required. If you are aware of concerns with a sound or blend, you may select a specific Lesson, for revision. Print off the Lesson’s worksheets: Spelling, Help Me Spell, English and Comprehension.

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Level 2 Worksheets