Overview Online Maths Levels 1-6

Selecting a Maths Level Diagnostic Worksheet/Computer Lesson.

Level 1 and Level 2    early Primary School years.

Level 3 and Level 4    middle Primary School years.

Level 5 and Level 6/7 middle and late Primary School years; early Secondary School years. Algebra is included in Level 6/7.

Selecting an Algebra Diagnostic Worksheet/Computer Lesson.

  1. Basic Introduction to Algebra.
  2. Algebraic Expressions.
  3. Making Algebraic Expressions.
  4. Evaluating Algebraic Expressions.
  5. Simplifying Algebraic Expressions…1.
  6. Simplifying Algebraic Expressions…2.
  7. Simplifying Algebraic Expressions…3.
  8. Powers and Index Laws.
  9. Properties of Zero and One.
  10. The Distributive Law.
  11. Simplifying Algebraic Expressions…4.
  12. Integers.
  13. Adding Integers.
  14. Subtracting Integers.
  15. Multiplying and Dividing Integers.
  16. Solving Equations.
  17. Solving More Difficult Equations.


The Maths or Algebra diagnostic sheet is to be done first. Errors noted, with computer exercises then done to practise.

For a change, the online computer lesson can be done before the diagnostic sheet.

Eg. Maths Level 2 Lesson 1 Exercise 1; then Question 1 on the Maths diagnostic sheet (which is the same as the computer lesson).

Then, Exercise 2 on the computer, followed by Question 2 on the diagnostic sheet.

Or Algebra computer Lesson 1, then worksheet 1.