The traditional, and best, reason to seek tutoring for your child is because he or she is falling behind or struggling in a particular area. Maybe your child has been away from school for a while, or is finding it difficult to grasp some basic concepts in specific areas.

If there is a problem, usually a parent will be told by their child’s teacher, particularly during the primary school ages. Even then, most schools have programs in place to help kids who are having academic problems. Australia’s education system is meant to cater for a very broad range of learning capabilities.

Students can use our online Maths and online English to help when they stay at home.

In some ways home education is a continuation of the teaching that every pre-school child receives from his or her parent or carer. A parent knows a child’s interests, learning styles, disappointments, motivations: Use that knowledge to make problem subject matter far more fun, interesting, and easier to learn. “Real life learning” and “personal passions” are far better “homework/tutoring” methods than worksheets!

Combine the use of AHT's educational program with your insights to help tutor your child.

Home Schooling

Homeschooling can be done via Distance Education or by parents planning their own designated curriculum for the child. It has been popular in the United States for decades, and there are increasing numbers of homeschooling parents and carers in Australia.

What is the Difference Between Distance Education and Home Schooling?

Distance Education is where students are enrolled in one of the State Schools of Distance Education (there is one in every Australian State and Territory) to do all their academic work at home.  Homeschooling is where the parents or carers of the child teach the children themselves and are responsible for the curriculum and education planning for their child.

Homeschooling is done for a variety of reasons including:

  • Religious persuasion
  • Bullying Incidents for the Child in Past Schools
  • The family is travelling and homeschooling is the only option
  • Lifestyle Choice
  • Overall dissatisfaction with schools in general
  • The child has special needs
  • Distances to the local school (particularly for rural students)

There are Australian National Curriculum guides for parents and carers who wish to homeschool their child.